Having problems with your furnace? Furnace service may be the answer

We know you want to think about your furnace the least amount that you can. If it’s operating well, you probably aren’t thinking about it very much. When things begin going wrong and your furnace is suffering troubles, it’s the only thing you can think about, accompainied with all of the worst-case scenarios about what the problem may be. Put your mind at ease! A simple way to keep from fretting (or even thinking about) your furnace is to keep up with annual furnace service.

Think of your furnace service as getting your oil changed in your car, it is necessary to keep your system running well and prolongs the life of your investment. Our certified specialists will assess to guarantee that everything is operating properly, clean, assess your electrical connections and fine-tune any of your system’s pieces or ducts if necessary. Throughout your yearly furnace service, we are able to catch any minor problems before they become future pains.

Along with the pro of being less likely to have an unanticipated breakdown, a well preserved furnace will also function more efficiently. If you have been noticing an increase on your utility bills of late, your furnace may claim responsibility. A furnace in need of service has to work more to do its job and that can lead to an increase in energy use.

Something else to think about is your furnace’s warranty. Depending on your system, not keeping up with scheduled furnace service by a licensed expert could reject your warranty. Manufacturers understand the importance of routine maintenance on your system’s functionality.

Neglecting your furnace service could lead to problems down the road and it could get costly. Let us help keep your furnace off your mind. If you’ve seen any difficulties with your furnace or just haven’t scheduled your annual furnace service yet, give us a call at 760-784-9034.

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