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Which Air Conditioning Refrigerants Are Being Phased Out?

You might not think a lot about how your air conditioner works, but it depends on refrigerant to keep your residence cold. This refrigerant is controlled by environmental rules, because of the chemicals it contains.

Subject to when your air conditioner was installed, it may use R-22, R-410A or R-32 refrigerant. We’ll discuss the differences and which air conditioner refrigerants are being phased out in Bishop, in addition to how these phaseouts have on influence on you.

What’s R-22 and Why is It No Longer Being Made?

If your air conditioner was installed before 2010, it probably uses Freon®. You can learn if your air conditioner contains it by contacting us at 760-784-9034. You can also check the name plate on your air conditioner condenser, which is situated outside your home. This sticker will have details on what type of refrigerant your AC has.

Freon, which is also called R-22, has chlorine. Scientists consider this chemical to be bad for the earth’s ozone layer and one that contributes to global warming. The Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees refrigerants in the United States, outlawed its manufacture and import in January 2020.

I Have a R-22 Air Conditioner. Should I Replace It?

It depends. If your air conditioning is operating correctly, you can continue to keep it. With annual air conditioner maintenance, you can expect your AC to last around 15–20 years. However, the Department of Energy notes that replacing a 10-year-old air conditioner could save you 20–40% on yearly cooling bills!

If you don’t install a new air conditioner, it could cause an issue if you need air conditioning repair down the road, specifically for refrigerant. Repairs may be more expensive, as only limited levels of recycled and reclaimed R-22 is accessible.

With the phaseout of R-22, many new air conditioners now use Puron®. Also referred to as R-410A, this refrigerant was developed to keep the ozone layer in good shape. Because it needs a different pressure level, it doesn’t work with air conditioners that use R-22 for cooling.

However, Puron still has the likelihood to create global warming. As a result, it could also ultimately be phased out. Although it hasn’t been announced yet for residential air conditioners, it’s likely sometime this decade.

What Refrigerant Will Take Over R-410A?

In preparation of the discontinuation, some companies have initiated using R-32 in new air conditioners. This refrigerant ranks low for global warming likelihood—approximately one-third less than R-410A. And it also lowers energy consumption by about 10%, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fourth Assessment Report. That’s savings that might be passed on to you through your electrical bills.

Bishop Heating & Air Conditioning Can Help with All Your Air Conditioning Needs

In brief, the changes to air conditioner refrigerant probably won’t impact you very much until you have to have repairs. But as we discussed earlier, refrigerant repairs may be pricier since there are the restricted quantities that are accessible.

In addition to that, your air conditioner usually breaks down at the worst time, frequently on the muggiest day when we’re experiencing many other requests for AC repair.

If your air conditioner requires a discontinued refrigerant or is getting old, we recommend upgrading to a new, energy-efficient air conditioner. This provides a trouble-free summer and can even decrease your electrical expenses, especially if you choose an ENERGY STAR®-rated model. Plus, Bishop Heating & Air Conditioning provides many financing programs to make your new air conditioner fit your budget. Contact us at 760-784-9034 to begin today with a free estimate.

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