Enjoy Cozy, Quiet, Efficient Heat for Years to Come with a Gas-Fired Boiler.

Gas-fired water boilers deliver comfortable, even heat almost silently. What’s better is their high-level energy efficiency. At Bishop Heating & Air Conditioning in Bishop, most all of the Lennox® gas-fired water boilers we sell are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Explore the benefits of our high-efficiency boilers.

GWM-IE Boiler

Forty percent more efficient than conventional boilers, this gas-modulating condensing water boiler is ENERY STAR® qualified. In fact, it boasts a 95% AFUE rating.* To boost fuel savings, it features an electronic ignition control that turns on the burner to meet your household demand to be sure it uses only the energy it needs to keep your home warm.

  • Durable, self-cleaning, stainless steel heat exchanger turns waste energy into usable heat
  • Sealed combustion reduces noise
  • By allowing the burner to fire as low at 20% of its capacity, it’s modulating capability perfectly meets your comfort needs
  • Stainless steel mesh burner combats corrosion and oxidation
  • CPVC flue condensate collector is corrosion-resistant and erases the use of metal in the venting area.
  • 15-year limited warranty on heat exchanger, 10-year limited warranty on remaining covered components
GWM-IE Boiler
Efficiency Rating (AFUE): up to 95
Energy Star badge

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